Through education, resources & connections, Collab Studio creates and delivers tools most critical for Black entrepreneurs to succeed

Supporting A New Capital Stack — Programming & Guidance to Bolster Success

Fundamentally, Black founders and entrepreneurs have what it takes to create & experience immense success, but don’t always have the support and resources they need to take their business to the next level. That’s where Collab Studio comes in!   

Our goal is to remain founder-focused and equip those we serve with tools and information they often times don’t have access to when they need it. At the core, our focus areas will be:

Founder Wellness & Mental Health

Business Acumen & Preparedness

Financial & Capital Readiness

Legal & Regulatory Preparedness

Marketing, Sales & Retention

Technical Assistance & Resources

Mentorship & Connections

Team and Culture Creation

By supplying relevant insight in one place, we believe we will simplify the journey for the Black founders that need it most. In turn, Collab Studio will ensure the best likelihood of success by providing wrap-around development services the brave people who need it most. They are the true heroes! 

The Team

Tammy Clottey, Director of Operations

Tammy Clottey is an entrepreneur and a leader in the Atlanta startup space. As the Director of Operations for Collab Studio, her role will be to support, connect and equip Black founders and entrepreneurs with the resources and tools they need most, when they need it! Given her passion for helping others, she is excited to serve those in her community, and welcomes the opportunity to explore partnerships and meaningful connections with those interested in doing the same and beyond.


Justin Dawkins, Managing Director

Justin Dawkins is a Metro Atlanta native with over 15 years of marketing, technology and entrepreneurial experience. Along with nearly 20 years of full-stack software development skills, Justin has helped dozens of brands, corporations and entrepreneurs ideate, launch and scale tech and tech-enabled products.

Along with his entrepreneurial work Justin is the co-founder, and Co-chair, of Atlanta’s social impact non-profit Goodie Nation. During his tenure at Goodie Nation Justin has helped hundreds of everyday people and dozens of entrepreneurs discover a role in an innovative process designed to solve some of the world’s toughest problems.

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