A Founder-Focused Hub for Education and Resources

Collab Studio is a safe space for founders to learn, craft new ideas, validate their assumptions, and get hands-on operational support for their ideas.

At Collab Studio, our goal is simple: to ensure Black founders at any stage have the resources they need. Our mission is to galvanize the much-needed resources to help those we serve launch their most ambitious ventures with real-time support and expertise.

We’ve designed Studio to help Black entrepreneurs in key growth areas with pointed focus on education, innovation, community, and well-being. In recognizing that all are connected, we’ve built a framework that addresses the sea of challenges  those we serve experience everyday.

With a full suite of high-impact workshops, seminars and resources, led by industry experts, Studio helps emerging & existing Black business owners — whether small or large, in the idea or growth stage, bootstrapped or equipped with funding — to build a solid foundation.

What Founders Say

“…one of the most dynamic and helpful”

Brit Fitzpatrick

Founder, HELM

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